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 An incredible homecoming story!

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PostSubject: An incredible homecoming story!   Sun 23 Oct 2011, 12:33 pm

You've all likely heard me mention (a lot) the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network and the work they do. Without them my search for Sasha could likely have ended on a much sadder note.

I check their FB site out multiple times a day and try to share and crosspost reports of lost/found dogs. Today I got to read the incredible story of one sweet pup and how he finally returned home.

I'm just going to copy posts that have come from their site........I can't wait to see the pictures from the people who located him.

Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network

LOST DOG: Thorburn/ Maclellans mountain area/Pictou Co. MALE: Border collie - long coat, mostly black,with a white blaze on chest. 4 years old. Blind from birth in the right eye. Sees shadows with his left. NAME: Odie Very friendly and loves children. If his name is called he will tilt his head to view your shadow with his left eye. Please cross post and please look for this boy. He slipped out of his collar when strange dogs approached. Oct. 4/11. Please call Julie


Julie -------

he is home thank you evryone for your help he was found by a neighbour out four wheeling he was adopted by a old motherbear as she left lookin for food I guess he called him but to no reply until they went back home and got dog food and put it down he smelled and as eat came to eat it they got a rope around him and call me he is doing great happy to be home thanks again everyone and Lost Dog Network, and animal clinics, and SPCA. and the piblic for all your help in his return.God Bless you all thank you Julie

And now the BEST part!!

Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network

OKAY folks when I first read what his owner said about him being found - I thought WHAT?! A mother BEAR? How can this be - BUT it is TRUE. Neighbours were out in the woods - 5 miles in the brush and saw a black bear and a 'cub' - they took pictures and when they got home - they zoomed the pictures and realized the cub was NOT a cub - BUT was a dog! They could see the dog snout and the white blaze on the chest. (we are hoping to get copies of these pictures!). They ATVers went back into the brush found Odie and put out dog food - he would not go with them. So they contacted Julie and she went out into the woods - the mother bear was NOT in sight and she called to Odie and he came to her - she walked for at least 3 miles with him in her arms as it was getting dark and with his limited vision he was scared to walk. Julie was frightened because the area has a lot of coyotes etc. The folk on the ATV were following her to keep a look out. For the last bit - they were able to put Odie on the back with one of the riders and Julie 'sat' up by the engine! So Odie was being cared for by a BLACK BEAR! Just an amazing story.... When we get the pictures we will definitely share with you all! (JanetC)

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PostSubject: Re: An incredible homecoming story!   Mon 24 Oct 2011, 8:35 am

That's amazing!!
Smile Smile
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An incredible homecoming story!
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