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 Trainning will begin..

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PostSubject: Trainning will begin..   Tue 20 Jul 2010, 10:27 am


So my daughter informs me this morning.

That she wants to participate in our towns parade for the RODEO. We are going to enter Belgium for her. THen my son PIPES up if she can do it. I want to do it with my goat.

Belgium is really good with lots of kids walking around. How do I get him prepared and the goat. For a Parade.. With lots of noise and cars. We have exactly ONE month. If they want to do it. To get the gang prepared. Plus I will need a 101 in braiding. Nice BRAIDS.. LMFAO.. and a 101 in costumes..........

We are going to start TODAY............. He has dropped some weight so he looks REALLY REALLY good. NOt like a beer KEG with legs...LMAO

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Trainning will begin..
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