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 My turn to vent

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PostSubject: My turn to vent   Wed 11 Nov 2009, 1:06 pm

My neighbor has two dogs, a chihuahua and a chi/pom mix. Really cute dogs, but yap, yap, yap and more yap. I get so tired of listening to them. If I go out to do yard work the moment they see me its yap, yap, yap............ She even bought one of those screen doors that are glass from top to bottom so they could see what's going on outside and yap, yap, yap....

They get little to no exercise at all. They come outside to do their "business" and when they're done she picks them up and carries them inside. They're rarely outside because they cause such a disturbance. A leaf blows by and its chaos. Today I looked out the window and she was wheeling her garbage can back up the her driveway with a dog in her arms. I felt like opening the window and shouting "God gave the dog four legs let it use them!" She's taken the chi/pom to obedience classes, didn't help any. I've actually seen this little dog attack her while she's trying to get her to stop barking. I wouldn't go near the dog without gloves of some sort on. Preferably the steel kind butchers wear when cutting meat.

I don't have any plans to talk to her about any of this. Just had to vent after seeing her trying to wheel a garbage can up her driveway with a dog in her arms. Our house is up for sale and I'm hoping to move on shortly.

Poor guys. A run or walk may not stop the yapping, but maybe they would be tired and sleep instead of yapping.
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My turn to vent
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