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 No more text books ... today's technology

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PostSubject: No more text books ... today's technology   Mon 21 Jun 2010, 10:11 am

Due to the over crowding of schools in my area, there are plans underway to build a new elementary school and high school. My youngest son will have to transfer over to the new school when it's completed, my other son may get to finish his high school year at his current school. One of the things this new school is implementing is, no more text books. Everything will be on computer, which I kind of think is great if you see how heavy and the amount of books my kids bring home daily in their backpacks. With the portable hard drives and USB keys, they can copy over the text books onto them and complete their reading at home. Provided it doesn't break the terms of the copyright.

Do you think schools should be more technology based or do you think today's schools are too technology based that kids are missing out on other important things?
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No more text books ... today's technology
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