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 What do you think of this situation?

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PostSubject: What do you think of this situation?   Tue 15 Jun 2010, 10:09 am

Over 30 years ago, a young woman gets married to a young man.
They are very much in love.
The husband, Eric, buys his wife a beautiful silver charm bracelet.
Jill loves the bracelet and the first two charms that he put on it.
The charms were a little diamond ring to signify their engagement and the second charm were two gold wedding rings to signify their marriage.
A few months later, Jill tells her husband that she is pregnant.
Eric buys her a little pacifier charm for her bracelet to signify their baby.
This goes on for two years, with Eric buying charms to celebrate all of the milestones in their life together.

Sadly, the last charm is put on the bracelet and they get divorced before the babies third birthday.

Eric remarries rather quickly and goes on to have two more children, a girl and a boy.
Jill never remarries and only has the one son.(Eric's son)

Over the years, there is little contact between Jill and Eric's "other" children.
Jill is kind to them when she sees them(twice a year)
The second wife, Anne is wonderful with her husbands first child.(Jill's son)
Anne includes him in everything and loves him like her own.
It is because of Anne that Eric and his first son are so close.

Anne dies from cancer when her children are still young.
Eric never remarries.
Jill does nothing to help him with his "other" two children.
Eric and Jill are still friendly with each other when they do see each other.
The daughter has had a very difficult time dealing with the death of her mother and really doesn't like spending time with Jill.(Christmas time)

Fast forward five more years and Eric dies, leaving behind his two pre teen children and his adult son.
Nobody wants to take the children.
The adult son and his wife decide to take the children.
Jill is very upset by this but the son(her son) is going to take care of his siblings.

Jill does nothing to help her son with the kids.(she actually makes things harder)

Out of the blue, Jill gives the charm bracelet to the girl on her 16th birthday.
The girl says thank you but doesn't really understand why Jill gave it to her.
The bracelet signified Eric's life with his first wife....not the girls mother, Anne.
It was very uncomfortable for the young girl to hear Jill tell her about the significance of each and every charm that had nothing to do with her own mother.

My question is, who do you think should have gotten the charm bracelet?
The 16 year old girl?
The adult son?(Jill's son)
The adult son's wife?(Jill's daughter in law)
Save it for Jill's future grand children?

Sorry about the novel-lol
I just wondered what you all thought.
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PostSubject: Re: What do you think of this situation?   Tue 15 Jun 2010, 10:30 am

What I think is that when people die the survivors get hit by the "seemed like a good idea at the time" itis. You can almost see the rationale behind this, can't you?

Eric is dead
Anne is dead
Jill suddenly thinks:

"Omgosh, it could happen to me"
"This bracelet no longer means anything, it represents a life that was over long ago."
"If I die tomorrow......."
"Cute trinket, hmmmm pretty birthday present"
"Guys don't wear pretty bracelets and son#1's children will have never met Eric anyway"
"*sigh*, guess I should somehow keep it in the family though"
"Oh, 16th birthday coming up, bet she'd like a bit of pretty jewelery"

In a perfect world Jill and Eric's son would have gotten it to keep for his future children. World's not perfect but hopefully Anne & Eric's daughter will hang on to it and gift it to Son#1's first child.

Big picture, it's a bracelet. It may represent something to some, but it is just a bracelet and it won't bring anybody or anything back but memories. Best reminder of a person's life is those they leave behind, not "stuff". Forget the bracelet and keep the relationships.
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What do you think of this situation?
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