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 Veterinary Forensics

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PostSubject: Veterinary Forensics   Sat 07 Nov 2009, 1:16 am

So...I just read an article by a vet (who practices down in the south eastern part of the U.S.). She was up here (Alberta), giving a talk on veterinary forensics. The paper was fascinating. The logistics that go into seizing animals from puppy mills....the pictures that need to be taken, the evidence that needs to be logged...it is truly unbelievable. The paper was passed on to me to read from one of my Search & Rescue counterparts, who is a conservation officer. So often when we watch tv, or read about humane society personnel going in and seizing animals, we rarely think of the people who work on the front lines...those who first hand, see the tragedy that befalls animals, at the hands of greedy, neglectful, self-serving humans.
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Veterinary Forensics
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