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 Got to love my hubby

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PostSubject: Got to love my hubby   Tue 25 May 2010, 4:13 pm

I will take pics..

If you read the story about the coyote that was 10 feet from me.. But all the dogs were penned.. Hubby wanted to make sure that won't happen again. I will take pictures so you can understand...

We have our goat pen, inside the goat pen- we made the dogs pen- plus kennel. along the back side of their pen is a run way that leads into different pastures. The dogs can't get into that run way from their pen.

Hubby has been working all day--- he is redoing the dogs pen. So he put in a steal gate (that he built) at the bottom of the gate- he built a doggy door. It has a Pin.. so if I am ever in the run way.. and encounter that again. I pull the pin.. and the dogs are out in the back pastures.... I will take pictures tomorrow.. It was pretty inventive. Once the dogs are out in the front pasture. He is making little doggy gates for them.. where I can pull the pins and let them into all the back pastures. We are trying to make the pastures.. where the pyrs can't jump out of.. Because they tend to patroll everywhere.. even in the neighbors pastures.. One other reason they are getting fixed as well.
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Got to love my hubby
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