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 Loving more hours for training

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PostSubject: Loving more hours for training   Mon 26 Apr 2010, 1:45 am

With 3 dogs now it has been so much fun being able to get outside and train. The Princess Cailleach isn't into anything outdoor related except for bathroom duties so she only joins us at her whim...too cold, windy or hot forget it, but she does watch from the deck and stick her nose it the air at us if the climate doesn't suit her. Perhaps she was once a "real princess in the human form and reincarnated as a canine, she has always been a snob...lol... oh my, the only dog here without a purebred pedigree. Maybe one of those Karma sucks things. Smile Smile Smile

We have been doing agility training with the Havanese and a lot of conditioning. Three times a day we do a half mile...well "I do a half mile" and they do much more because it's some free time for them to be dogs and when they get far enough away I recall them. I'm always a tad nervous for them to get further than an eighth of a mile or on windy days out of ear shot so they do a lot of back and forth. Julio is helping a lot training his half sister on the agility course as she tends to follow/copy what he does. Arriba had no previous experience living on a farm with freedom and was quite skittish when it came to outdoor experiences as she was an indoor/deck dog. Very windy here and my huge collection of wind chimes scared her as well as anything that flapped and banged.

I am planning to show both Havs this year in some other CKC shows other than conformation but so many choices, I have to pick soon. Arriba is too young for agility but Obedience is something I am leaning to for her, but there's the Rally's and crap I am so undecided on what direction we will go it's funny. Anyways it is true...tired dogs are happy dogs...except for the Princess who is always happy as long as she is catered to and the boss dog. Her toys are hers and she does not share, she knows it and the younger dogs know it by the tone of her barely audible growls. Too funny!!!

Still waiting for Arriba's championship photo but i will post it when I get it. These "big hampsters" are such fun, I can't imagine life without the 3 of them. Smile Smile Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Loving more hours for training   Mon 26 Apr 2010, 1:02 pm

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with the three of them. I know what you mean by wanting to dabble in other venues. There is not much in my area in CKC competitions and don't have the time to make the 3 to 4 hour drive out to the places that do offer them. So for now rally and agility are just fun to pass the time and for my dog to learn something new. I'm thinking about buying one of those long handles with the clicked on one end and the ball at the other to teach some moves and tricks that I can put to music for her. If I can learn how to make one of those fly ball boxes, I already have a team put together that we can compete in flyball in.
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Loving more hours for training
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