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 The salamander

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PostSubject: The salamander   Wed 04 Nov 2009, 12:32 pm

So a couple of weeks ago.. Hubby found this salmander by the barn. It looked like something ate his tail.. and he wasn't moving..

So we brought him in and my boy named him lizard ( so creative) so after a couple of days of research... the little guy was doing great but he wouldn't eat. So we had to try and convince my son we had to let him go. We can't keep wild things. We helped this animal and now he needs to go back to his family.

Ya like my 4 yr old wanted that.. But him and his daddy went back to the barn and released lizard in the garden..

Now, all he can talk about is getting a lizard. He wants something in his room. Argggggggggggggg.. just what I need more mouths to feed. So I was researching different types of reptiles.. easy ones to care for that can teach him responsibility. Ya I have a hard time denying my kids animals. He is really good with his horse and helping with chores.....

I can't have anything furry in the house that requires shavings. I have allergies in that department. Heck hay and straw bother me. But with shavings it affects my breathing...

So now what would be a good animal to get him. I was thinking one of those hermit crabs( that the shells are painted) My hubby wants an iguna (SP) but I know they are very hard to keep.. with the right temp.. diet ect... I know not every animal is easy keepers.. but I really would like something that he can clean and do himself of course with my supervision..
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Learning the Ropes
Learning the Ropes

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PostSubject: Re: The salamander   Wed 04 Nov 2009, 7:17 pm

Mini, I've read that hermit crabs are require a lot of knowledge & specialized care, so please think carefully about them first.

A rabbit is a rather costly indoor pet (needs speutered indoors really) & daily veggies in the winter can be quite costly.
Many people are allergic to rabbits. They need to eat hay so that would be in the house.
Pine or cedar wood shaving litter litter is not actually good for them - emits a toxin suspected of damaging livers.
Horse bedding/wood stove pellets is an excellent cheap litter for bunnies.

Hamsters need to be kept alone - they are not social living creatures.
Not usually cuddly either but can be quite tame & run up your arm etc.

Mice are social & should be kept in SAME SEX groups.
Not usually cuddly either but can be quite tame & run up your arm etc.

Rats are social & should be kept in SAME SEX groups.
Not usually cuddly either but can be very tame & run up your arm etc.
Extremely intelligent & escape artists.
Illegal in Alberta, I think.

Guinea Pigs are semi social - females can do better living with another female or 2 - males fight.
Not usually cuddly either but can be very tame & run up your arm etc.
EDIT TO ADD; I found my male to be very stinky, cage needed to be kept very very clean - never had females.

For any of the wee small animals Aspen or Hemp Shavings are a better choice for litter/bedding.

I've never had a gerbil so only know what I've read.

I think all lizards/salamanders require a lot of knowledge & specialized care to be healthy.
Same goes for turtles.
Not to say he shouldn't or couldn't just make sure he does his research. LOL

Have you though about birds?

A budgie is pretty easy, not too too loud, & very willing to be tamed & interactive.
Be warned they eat the insides of their seeds & spit the fluffy lighter than air seed husks out.
The are next to impossible to sweep up but vacuum up nicely.

Canaries & Finches are also pretty easy & the males have nice songs, also not too loud.
They are look at pets though, you'll probably never get them to sit on your shoulder etc.

Any of the other birds are pretty loud so take that into account.
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PostSubject: Re: The salamander   Mon 09 Nov 2009, 9:48 pm

Maybe you could convince him to take in a lonely orphaned rock...pretty easy to care for, non allergetic, and it won't cost much to feed it.
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PostSubject: Re: The salamander   Tue 10 Nov 2009, 9:29 pm

Mini, I just had this epiphany,,,,I remembered looking at your pics on FB..and remembered seeing a little excavator by the barn..Maybe the little guy is digging up salamanders. I love salamanders, always have since I was a child. They are so cool looking..I'd like to have a bigger lizard of some type. Hubby says no way in hell.
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PostSubject: Re: The salamander   

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The salamander
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