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 Wind Mobile

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PostSubject: Wind Mobile   Thu 02 May 2013, 3:49 pm

I like Wind because it's cheap. The plans are good, only issue was you kinda have to stay local to use it.......and then I tried to change plans today.

The plan we had was unlimited talk, text, and data....45.20 a month. The phone doesn't leave the house, so figured we don't need data on it. Called to switch to a $20 unlimited talk and text, here was what I was told I had to do...

Pay the usual $45.20 for the month.
Then, pay the $22.60 for the month AGAIN for the new plan.
I would then receive a $10 credit after spending $67.80 on a $20 plan.

What the serious fuck? Guess who won't be using Wind again. Mad


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Wind Mobile
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