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 As if wedding registery isn't bad enough...

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PostSubject: As if wedding registery isn't bad enough...   Fri 07 Dec 2012, 1:03 pm

I would never buy anything for another child off a toy registery Mad anyone else think this is just wrong? I usually don't spend more than $20 on a gift for a child I don't know. Even if I did know them I find this a tad gready.


Here’s something parents throwing their children a birthday party will appreciate. They can visit the redesigned Toys R Us website and create a wish list for little Johnny or Susie. Parents and kids can have great fun creating their own birthday/holiday registry. And for those sometimes forgetful or procrastinating out-of-town friends and family, Toys”R”Us now offers eGift cards — gift cards that are sent virtually and can arrive in recipients’ inbox in a matter of seconds. To browse the new features on the website, click the following link: http://www.toysrus.ca/wishlist/index.jsp

The wish list:
• Is similar to a wedding or baby registry, allowing kids to create a tailored list of desired toys for any occasions (perfect for birthdays, holidays, etc.);
• Helps guide gift-givers to make appropriate toy selections and provides parents and families with more input on the gifts their children receive;
• Allows wish list participants to generate as many wish lists as they would like for each of their children, tailoring them for specific occasions;
• Lets customers — together with their little ones — browse and select products with the click of a button online to create and update a running list.

eGift Cards:
• Allow customers to purchase and email gift cards immediately to a gift recipient;
• Can be purchased in any denomination and are redeemable not only online, but also in-store.
• Are an ideal solution for last-minute or long-distance gift-givers.

For more information, visit www.toysrus.ca.
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As if wedding registery isn't bad enough...
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