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 Okay who is jealous..

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PostSubject: Okay who is jealous..   Sat 26 Dec 2009, 12:14 am

I just made a contact last night...at a gathering..
and if I order my dogfood.. I get it at wholesale price..

You wouldn't believe the mark up at some of the outlets charge.. arggg...

are you ready

origen (SP) large breed puppy.. 40 dollars a bag..

acana... 33 dollars a bag...

HE HE HE HE HE he he he... got to love saving money............
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PostSubject: Re: Okay who is jealous..   Sun 27 Dec 2009, 9:01 pm

Nice Mini, I am always jealous of those with "inside" cost saving ...my dogs are cheap to keep but I sure wouldn't want your feed bill. Smile Smile Smile
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Okay who is jealous..
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