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 I know I said last post.. but I am waiting for my turn in the shower.. LMAO

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PostSubject: I know I said last post.. but I am waiting for my turn in the shower.. LMAO   Thu 24 Dec 2009, 4:40 pm

Okay kind of with the kijiji discussion

On the pitbull that went for the throat of the police dog...

I so want to add more to my post. In canada.. K9's are cops. When hubby was in saskatoon on a trainning exercise with the k units. They were all informed. These dogs are cops. If any of them are going to hurt them. THey will be dealt with.

Now, I my dogs are free, for the most part.. We have spent so much money on fencing and next year.. our perimeter will most likely go to buffalo fencing. My pyrs will track coyotes to the neighbors cow pastures to protect their herd as well. My neighbors love it. BUt it is my responsibilty to confine my dogs to my property.

If my pyrs would do what this pitbull did. Even though I know they would not. Because they do not just go for the throat.. even when they fight amongst each other.. Trust me.. I have had some wicked fights with them. I can break them apart.. Even when sadie goes for the throat, she has powerful jaws.. like a pitbull.

But I will tell you, I would shot my dogs myself if they were to do this.. with a LEASHED dog.. with the owner right there. THIS behavior is not tolerated.

Different story if the dog is in my pasture.. unleashed. But even then.. and my pyrs are territorial.. They will chase the dogs away.. only will attack if the unleashed dogs pose a threat to the herd.

argg.. sorry.. I am tired of people blaming police.. when in fact.. owners need to take responsibility.
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PostSubject: Re: I know I said last post.. but I am waiting for my turn in the shower.. LMAO   Thu 24 Dec 2009, 8:28 pm

Hey Mini, I tried to load the video, was curious to see what this guy's backyard looked like. Unfortunately this darn dial-up has decided it doesn't want to load the video.

The police had every right to shoot the dog in order to protect the K9 dog. I don't believe in tasering a dog (depending on it's size), as tasers don't do much. Before the Pitbull ban in Ontario, there was an incident where two aggressive Pitbulls were running loose, terrorizing a neighbourhood. I recall in the news that an officer shot one of the dogs 14 times before it died. Just to give you an idea of the adrenaline some dogs can have. IMO, tasers don't always work and should not be used in situations such as the police officer's dog either.

But in a way I feel the officers were in a way a small portion responsible. In that if you notify the neighbours of previous times of when you're going to be doing your training, then that is what people are going to expect each and every time. People forget that officers are only human too and do make mistakes. This was a miscommunication problem that day on their part. But the owner of the dog, knowing the bad media this breed receives, should have used his marbles God gave him, and been responsible by having a completely enclosed fenced in area for his property. Allowing the next door neighbours child to play with this dog, which I'm assuming (I know I shouldn't) unsupervised is an accident waiting to happen. Dogs will be dogs, and kids will be kids. If there is fencing, then it should have been a privacy fence, no shorter than 6 feet in height, with signs posted on the fence "dog on premises" and "no trespassing".
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I know I said last post.. but I am waiting for my turn in the shower.. LMAO
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