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 Friggen ponies... smart little buggers

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PostSubject: Friggen ponies... smart little buggers   Sat 19 Dec 2009, 2:05 pm

So sometime around 1200 pm till 6 am.. they pushed their way through the temp part into the other part of the barn...............

argggggggggggggg.. poop over dennis wood.. dumped buckets off stuff.. They look okay... did I check on them.... but I guess they were bored and wanted to check out where daddy works.. lol....

but i had to laugh at daddy... another temp..ha ha h ah ah ha ha..

I told him he had to be smarter then the ponies.. Good thing we don't keep our feed in their other then the cubes.. and they didn't get that much..
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Friggen ponies... smart little buggers
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