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PostSubject: Sparky...Yikes   Thu 17 Dec 2009, 11:06 pm

One of my hay customers with a stable nearby needed to pick up the last 5 bales of her hay last night. Was supposed to come and get it in the afternoon in the daylight but changed the plan. Since we had already started the tractor I got my dad to pull the bales out of the hayshed in the daylight, I always worry about the top bales as they are huge, heavy and stacked 3 high. My fear is them rolling off the bale fork and toppling on the operator.

Unbeknownst to me dad had set 2 back in the shed because they usually pick up 3 at a time but this time came with a bigger trailer. South wind, hay shed entrance faces south...usually I take the truck to light things up for dad to see but this time I had my big flashlight and was up close. Sparks were blowing out the muffler every time the tractor was revved up to retrieve the 2 bales and heading straight for my hay stash. Was thinking like jimmydude that dad need a slap upside the head for putting them back in the shed. My disclaimer...sparks always do this but you don't see them til it's dark so they told me...haying is done by the men and I tend to not participate with equipment operating unless it's the lawn tractor. All witnesses were laughing at me but seriously I was affraid my hay, shed and all the money I spent on it was about to go up in smoke. Having insurance on the hay at all times is something I insist on but whoa, replacing hundreds of round bales when there is a shortage would be...ack I don't want to find out!!! No Shocked Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: Sparky...Yikes   Sat 19 Dec 2009, 2:59 pm

I hear ya on that.. not with the hay..

Hubby was cutting steal before we got snow. It was was a steal feeder and he was making 3 feeders out of one. Sparks were flying. I was worried he was going to start a fire.. because of the dryness of everything..

I think I wouldve had a heart attack if it was around the HAY.. cause Hay is Gold as you know..... lol.....
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