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 We have a new YARD dog

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PostSubject: We have a new YARD dog   Mon 07 Nov 2011, 12:20 pm

Guys you have been with me.. when we lost gunner and bandit..

no not a new dog... lmao

but Sadie never really came into guarding the herd after gunners death.. and we took her out of the hood.. we moved the big boy.. out to the pys old pen.. and put her in bosco's pen... she has chased coyotes.. killed them.. but we still tried to lock her up.. cause she is not used to the road.. well.. it has been a couple of weeks.. she is not locked up.. she goes from her dog house.. and sleeps on the deck.. I have yelled at her ( yes yelled at her) if I see her coming down the ditch along our bush side... along the road.. but she sticks close to home... we still let drake go with the kids to the bus.. as that is sadies next step.. her and drake get along....it is good timing.. due to the fact that winter is setting in.. and drake just likes being in the house.. cause of his hips.. i still have the fear of the road.. but she doesn't chase cars.... but she is doing a great job ... so runs the outskirts of our pastures.. comes when called...

we still need a herd dog.. but I think we will wait till spring.... Bosco.. pen is on the outside of the goats pen... and at night he runs the front pasture.... so the goats are pretty much protected on both sides for the winter.....

Things always happen for a reason.. and maybe sadies job.. was always supposed to be that of a protector for our yard and kids..... she is much happier.. and she follows mikayla around.. and is really protective of her..
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PostSubject: Re: We have a new YARD dog   Mon 07 Nov 2011, 9:20 pm

It sounds like even though she's not in with the herd, she still goes after the coyotes. Which is a good thing, but she's going to need a partner in crime. lol Can't wait to see the new addition to your fur gang.
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We have a new YARD dog
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