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 Awesome product for stressed or acting out dogs!!!

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PostSubject: Awesome product for stressed or acting out dogs!!!   Sun 03 Jul 2011, 9:47 pm

I just happened across this link after reading a post by Janet C. of the NS Lost Dog Network. She has a long history in NS of involvement in the betterment of life for dogs and also owns her own doggy daycare/boarding facility. She highly recommended this........especially now with the holiday fireworks causing so much grief for pets and owners.

I was amazed to watch the before and after videos that you find if you click the Videos link in the left hand column. Has anyone else heard of these or know anyone that has tried one. I know some dogs that could really use this type of help if it works like they show. Customers who recently got an adult Boston Bull are beside themselves with the constant nervous reactions and shaking. They have found no way to calm the sweet girl they have taken in.......the Fear of Thunder video dog could be a twin to theirs.

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Awesome product for stressed or acting out dogs!!!
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