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 Really, Seriously, Rendering Service

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PostSubject: Really, Seriously, Rendering Service   Tue 12 Apr 2011, 1:52 am

Been talking with other livestock owners about the prices to disposal of animal carcasses as of April first in this area. Ages ago they picked up for free then they started to charge a small fee, $25.00 was worth it. Last time I had to use them was a span of ten years and costs ranged from $35.00 - $75.00. Now it's a minimum of $250.00 no matter the weight and there's no "honor system" as it once was where you paid the driver cash and one has to submit a credit card number now before they will agree to come.

What's bothersome about the new fee IMO is this is going to impact how older animals who used to be retained in a herd possibly may now be shipped to the auction early if they show the regular old age symptoms so owners can get a few bucks for them instead of having to pay to dispose of the carcasses should they expire. Some of those wonderful oldies ...the bomb proof...the disabled for riding but good pasture ornaments/lawn mowers and elderly or unsound rescue horses are possibly going to go for meat before their time. I know it will impact horse owners decisions somewhat on how they make decisions in emergencies if they are on a tight budget. To spend a lot on a vet to try and save your equine to have it possibly pass anyways no matter the age with an additional disposal fee to consider will be budget related I think.

I said to myself fuck that and we buried Wynn here at home after a lot of bother but worth the man power not to support the rate increase. We are lucky and can choose not to support them but not all have that option. Will the rescues still be willing to take in less than perfect individuals??? Will people with a number of old horses still keep them til they expire naturally??? As I said I have been speaking to other horse people and there's lots to consider about the impact of the new disposal fee and how it will effect the future of the horse market for the old, ugly and unsound.

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PostSubject: Re: Really, Seriously, Rendering Service   Tue 12 Apr 2011, 2:27 am


Last time I phoned the plant was when I put down the alpaca.. they wouldn't accept her.. she went as coyote bait.. so did a couple of goats we lost.. turtle ended up in burning bin... gunner.. we cremated..

WOW.. is all I can say.. Now what is going to happen.. not only to rescues.. people will just leave carcasses all around.. and that sometimes causes alot more problems..

250 dollars what a rip off..
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Really, Seriously, Rendering Service
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