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 Breeders & Dog Owners in Edmonton - BEWARE!!!

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Learning the Ropes
Learning the Ropes

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PostSubject: Breeders & Dog Owners in Edmonton - BEWARE!!!   Tue 22 Mar 2011, 11:18 am

Just a couple of things that have come through the newsfeed in the past week:

1. Dog parks aren't safe from people attempting to poision dogs. Though, I don't typically patronize them anymore, I've had to once or twice this past winter since the freeze/thaw issue has left sidewalks very treacherous, and hard to exercise my dogs. There's been some reports of intentional dog poisonings at one dog park in Edmonton (Laurier). Anyone in the Edmonton area....just be careful...and I suppose this goes for anyone anywhere using dog parks. Not everyone has good intentions.

2. There's also been a report of a stolen dog from a breeder in an outlaying. Not sure why people would want to steal a dog, but again....leave nothing to chance.

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Breeders & Dog Owners in Edmonton - BEWARE!!!
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