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PostSubject: arggggggg.............................   Sun 13 Feb 2011, 2:39 pm

it has been a crazy couple of days with the pyrs.. and bosco.. drake as well.. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I wonder who the hell is crazy to have so may big ass dogs.. lmao

So drake kept licking his wounds where we shaved him- vet wrapped it- got it off...so now he is purple, his tongue is purple only thing that stops him from licking is blu kote... and mommy is purple.. damn dogs... lmfao

My neighbors are burning brush piles for the last couple of days.. you can see 40 foot flames from my back pastures.. which has made life interesting around here.. The horses get anxious.. thus making the dogs really anxious.. we have them penned because of it.. but no... 7 foot steel fencing doesn't stop my male hoodinie(SP). The other night when I was feeding. I fed the pyrs.. we lock them up.. I have never seen my female so agitated. Her dog roof is slanted with a metal roof. on top of her kennel we have metal slacks.. to prevent her from getting out and when she was intact animals from getting in. I have never seen her try to get out. But that night.. she was trying to. I sat and watched gunner.. no word.. CLEAR 7 feet.. and he was off running into the bush.. must of been a pack of coyotes.. Took him over an hour to come home.. I always know.. cause bosco lets us know when he is in the yard... so the last couple of nights he has been getting out due to the fires... I am worried.. So I have used tarps- twine anything to keep him penned up as all the animals are a little agitated.. hope they stop burning soon. You would figure they would get used to it after a couple of days.. NOPE..

Goat is still in my house no kids-- but she seems more restless so I am hoping any day now- cause this is killing me and I am sure the pugs would love to not share their room with their new roomate.. lmfao...

What else has been happening.. well everything is a skating rink out there between the melts and freezing over night....

I need to share some pics when I find my cell phone cord.. because I swear my littlest animal lover is going to give momma some heart attacks.. Let me explain. She is obsessed over animals... ad going outside now.. since the weather is so nice. We take her out when we feed. She sits in the hay wagon...and all the horses have their heads in the wagon.. You would figure she would be scared.. NOPE.. you would figure the horses would nip her NOPE.. it is amazing as they are ever so gentle when she is in the wagon.. When she is not in there.. ha ha hah aha.. totally different critters.. But the funniest was ( where I want to post pictures) we were out the other day, trying to build a snow man... My little mikayla said boring( well not litteraly) and she just left- I followed her- she didn't know or did she care that momma wasn't around.. she went around the house.. grabbed a bucket and continued to make her way to the horse pasture... she fell a couple of times.. got back up.. picked up her bucket and continued on her mission. By the 3rd time she fell.. she left the bucket.. lol. The hay wagon was just outside the horse pen. She made it there.. and she attempted to grab hay.. to feed her horses. They were all standing there waiting to get their little piece of hay- cause she can't manage to get an armful.. she would get her little hay put it through the fence and continue to feed them.. Hay was all over the place.. when I tried to pick her up to take her away.. OMG she had a major breakdown as if to say- excuse me mommy I am very happy here with my animals.. lol.. she is going to be a monster.. good thing all of our fences and gates are childproof cause- she is going to be hard to contain... lol.. but it is good to see that she has this huge love for animals.. I wish she had a little fear but alas no fear...

I know me and my long posts.. I will post the pics when I find my cord.. cause the description doesn't do her anything.. the pics tell you more about her little mission.. then momma describing it... then on my face book page. I was working.. my little devil child will climb anything.. use anything to climb.. argggggg...
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PostSubject: Re: arggggggg.............................   Mon 14 Feb 2011, 12:07 am

:lol: Never a boring day at your place. I saw the pic of your little girl climbing. Shocked Oh my, I'm surprised she hasn't sent you into cardiac arrest yet.
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