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 MMI- Missions and projects

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PostSubject: MMI- Missions and projects   Fri 19 Nov 2010, 11:56 am

So our class instructor showed us pictures yesterday of when she went to costa Rica ( can't remember the village)

It was a real eye opener as she was an Or tec. This group sends a group of surgens and nurses that all volunteer their time. They even pay for their own trip, to go to places where medical care is well non existent and perform surgeries. In a period of 8 days, her team performed 108 surgeries. Their were different pics of the surgeries. Very interesting.

Even though you know certain things,,,, a huge difference in seeing pictures. There OR room.. was not what you would expect. Their crash cart was a tool box on wheels. Their operating light was held together with duck tape. The anesticists (SP).. they would bag the patients.. what this means.. instead of machine helping people to regulate their breathing. They have a bag attached. They would have to squeeze that bag continusly.. This is a hard process because usually after 20 mins.. your hand would cramp. They would do it for hours.

I was very moved by this pictures and touched. This is something I would love to be able to participate in the future.

It is through the church but they honestly do some amazing things. All of the equipment and supplies were donated and the work from the photo graphs are amazing.

The one thing that was evident was the strength of this people. Let me explain. Out of all 108 surgeries on patient stayed the night. The rest got up and went home, when westerners would stay in the hospital for days on end. One patient, had a melon ( water melon tumor removed from his scrotum) There were pictures. After the surgery... within a couple of hours, he got up and rode horseback to get to his home. OUCH.

She said the hardest part was turning people away. Every morning their would be hundred lining up. ALl the pre work was done, they had a list of patients needing surgery.. but it was amazing to see all the pictures.


You hear about work being done, but it is one thing to see and talk to people that have done it. Very interesting and such an amazing thing these people do... Hats off to them..

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MMI- Missions and projects
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