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 Question about the 'letters' of registration

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PostSubject: Question about the 'letters' of registration   Thu 26 Aug 2010, 4:56 pm

I have a couple of times looked at this cattery (hate that name, sounds smutty Giggle ) when I started getting interested in Persians and Himalayans.......not for now, but someday when there is an empty space at home.

Was wondering if anyone can tell me what this means and is it something similar to CKC as in are the kittens registered (or can they be)?


I came across this website when reading up a bit on the breeds and was pleasantly surprised to find out they actually live in my subdivision. Which would come in real handy if I do decide I want to look into getting one. Take a look over their site and tell me what you think about them (the breeders and their cats)...... cause I wouldn't have a clue not ever having looked for a cat let alone a purebred.


BTW, I'd be doing a heck of a lot more research before ever taking this step
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Question about the 'letters' of registration
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