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 Fun at the dog beach

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PostSubject: Fun at the dog beach   Sun 22 Aug 2010, 3:13 pm

Yesterday, I packed up some stuff for the day and took my youngest son and dog for a 6 hour drive (3 hours each way) to this dog beach. I was surprised with how clean it was and all the well behaved dogs out there. They were mainly hanging out with their owners and enjoying the nice cool water. Majority of the dogs were on leash, except for one that I noticed but the park enforcement officer didn't say anything to the owner.

My dog learned how to swim, finally, yeahhh! She was always hesitant about going into the water past a certain point. With my son able to go in the water with her, she felt more confident and finally learned how to dog paddle. Both really enjoyed themselves, though we couldn't really stay all that long. The weather was nice, but the news reported a storm heading into town (my home town), so wanted to get back before the storm hit. That didn't happen, happened to miss a huge 26 car pile up on the 401. Guess it pays off to be directionally challenged. So had to take a detour, stresses out. Decided to follow the transport in front of me through a little town as a stretch of the 401 was blocked off. It was a nice drive there, going to have to set aside time to get my butt up earlier the next time I go back, so I can stop at some of the little ma and pa type shops they have there.

I do have pics, only 3, ended up getting wet, so put the camera away. They're not worth posting even on my FB as they just aren't really all that interesting. lol
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Fun at the dog beach
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