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 Dog training clause in dog contracts

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Do you think dog contracts should have a obedience class clause?
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PostSubject: Dog training clause in dog contracts   Sun 22 Aug 2010, 2:16 pm

I posted this on the other side, but want to get everyone's views on this topic in this forum.

I know there is a thread on pet contracts and I don't want to focus on the whole clauses of a pet contract, but one particular clause dog training.

I know in the pet contract I signed it was a must that my dog complete one beginners obedience class by the time she was 6 months old. I have no clue if whether or not pet contracts are enforceable or not. Never had to draw one up, and never had anyone breach it, so cannot say. But I've always thought that a contract (an agreement signed and dated between two parties, witnessed and dated, and a consequence if there is a breach in the contract) would be legally enforceable. I for one am not one to sign anything that I don't 100% agree with. So me signing the puppy contract for my dog was really no big deal, as I agree with the clauses in my dog's contract.

Yesterday, I packed up my youngest child (oldest isn't into swimming) and my dog and headed for a 3 hour day drive to a dog beach. Have to say for someone like me who isn't into dog parks, I was really impressed with how clean the beach was, there was an officer or someone who worked there patrolling the beach, and the dogs had to be on leash. Now back on topic, dog beaches is a whole other thread. LOL When I loading up my dog into the car and my son was getting into the car, kiddie corner about 15 away parked from my vehicle, was a lady with a rescued lab.

You're probably wondering how I know this, well trying not to eaves drop but you could hear her pretty loudly. The dog didn't appear dog aggressive but did not feel comfortable with other dogs up in his / her space (mainly his / her face). Another lady she was telling about her rescued dog, also had a lab who went up to sniff the other dog in the face. The rescued lab let off a growl. The dog owners way of handling this issue was to open hand slap this dog on the side of the muzzle. I was no closer than 15 feet away and I could hear this slap and her yelling at the dog. I'm no dog trainer and no dog training expert, but since when did slapping a dog in the face become a form of dog training. How does this make an uncomfortable dog become comfortable with other dogs in it's face. Most dogs are not comfortable with having other dogs in their face and will growl, it's not uncommon. It made me sick to my stomach, that poor dog. Wonder if the rescue where she got this dog from is aware of her training style.
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Dog training clause in dog contracts
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