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 Dog is Smarter than Me

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PostSubject: Dog is Smarter than Me   Mon 02 Aug 2010, 1:17 am

So...once again I have a training dilemma...I shall blame it on Minis good advise about creating borders...lol. Months ago it was suggested when I asked for help setting borders to create a boundry for "stay". The lesson was well learned but now I have another problem. The toes stay at the line but for some reason unknown to me Arriba when given vocal permission to cross the line she hesitates and looks at me as she sits and the others have realised the release. Not sure how this confusion started with her but even on the flexi she will not budge unless I tell her the command I use for heeling which is "with".

The old words she listened to was "break" which we use a lot in agility. This messes things up now because I have her confused. She will sit stay perfecty for up to an eighth of a mile and her recall is instant. I think maybe since her chasing the bird that one night and me over reacting has a lot to do with this. Any suggestions? Smile Smile Smile
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Dog is Smarter than Me
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