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Settling in
Settling in

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost!   Sun 01 Aug 2010, 3:39 pm

I don't believe in ghosts. OK, so I didn't believe in ghosts until now! Holy shit that is a crazy photo! Goose bumps and shivers! That lady better not be in my dreams tonight.

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Warmed up
Warmed up

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost!   Mon 02 Aug 2010, 1:47 pm

pooperscooper wrote:
Without really getting into it...most children have spirits that accompany them when they enter the world. Often they are labeled "imaginary friends" but they are very real...most adults poo poo the situation and discourage the children from speaking of the entities instead of exploring what the children are telling them because it embarrasses them or something. I very much believe in reincarnation and to me what kids have to say interests me always.

I have always had spirits/entities in my life and they are not to be feared, they can be very helpful if one is to work with them. Having a resident ghost that's not harmful is a privilege IMO. Smile Smile Smile

My daughter had an imaginary friend named "Bug" she always talked about Bug. She had him/her for a few years.
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